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What REALLY is the Do you CEE? 2011 report?

What Clients say:

Each edition of 'Do You CEE?' report proves to be an extremely useful source for digital industry professionals. Covering 15 CEE countries and providing all key metrics for major market players, the report became an essential read for advertisers, marketers and media agencies. Set of topics covered, valuable data and insights, country-level as well as regional perspective make this report so unique and comprehensive. One can hardly find any other publication on the CEE region, that comes even close to the bar set by Gemius and the 'Do You CEE?' report.

Marcin Dukat

International DM Research Manager, Viacom International Media Networks

As the Chairman of the e-Academy Board and Webit Ambassador, I can recommend the 'Do You CEE?' report, as a base for reliable data, which can be shared on the international stage. The publication, by providing a comprehensive analysis on the internet in CEE countries, has a great impact on the internet market education and constitutes a strong support to the fast developing online industry in CEE.

Plamen Russev

Chairman of the Board, Webit Expo & Conferences

As one of the biggest publishers and leader of the local and regional media in Poland, Polskapresse tries to be close to the local society issues, by providing useful information of the best quality. As we are developing actively our online activity, we are interested in the internet market trends of the CEE region. The 'Do You CEE?' report serves us a source of the important data, which help us to plan our online strategy in the most effective way. The report comes up with our company's values which are: usefulness, closeness and quality. A must read publication for all of those who work in the digital industry!

Marek Stankiewicz

Strategy and Product Development Director, Polskapresse

'Do You CEE?' report is the most comprehensive and important document covering online industry in the region. It's in-depth analysis of online market landscape, ongoing developments and trends is a great support for marketers, business developers and anyone interested in most up-to-date information on CEE. 'Do You CEE?' due to its high standard and completeness plays a tremendous role in promoting and supporting our industry on both local and international level. Keep up the good work!

Pawel Mazurek

Strategic Projects Management, Goldbach Group AG

Allianz Direct performs most of its services online. Therefore, from our point of view, such publication as 'Do You CEE?' report is very helpful in analysing current trends in the region, in order to keep up with the different characteristics of each market and in consequence - meet our clients' needs. With the usage of Gemius data, we can plan our business activities much more effectively not only on the markets where our brand is recognizable and trusted but also on those, where we would like to be present in the nearest future.

Marcin Szporka

Marketing Director, Allianz Direct

'Do You CEE?' 2011 report is an important industry publication based on gemiusAudience data, which is a standard in online audience measurement in the region. Thanks to the fact that presented insights are comparable for all the markets, the report serves us throughout the whole year as a source of industry benchmarks as well as a guidebook explaining 'who-is-who' and what are the best solutions on various neighbouring markets. CEE region develops dynamically and key market players learn from each other, looking for best cases and success stories. Such research initiatives as 'Do You CEE?' report help them to build their online strategies.

Teresa Wierzbowska

Director of Public Affairs at Redefine, member of Supervisory Board at IAB Poland

To start your journey through the internet market in CEE watch the infovideo prepared by Gemius and Carnation Group:

If you visit this website, you must have heard or read somewhere about the Do you CEE? report, prepared by Gemius in cooperation with IAB Europe. But what really is this publication? Who reads it? What knowledge it provides? These are the basic questions that need to be answered for every person who considers downloading the 2011 Do you CEE? report. Let us elaborate a bit on this prestigious work, show you a few interesting numbers and thus give you a glimpse on all the unique information it has to offer!

The Do you CEE? report is the only in-depth analysis of the CEE Web, mobile internet and online advertising market, published for the third time in a row (following the highly successful 2009 and 2010 editions). Each of the previous reports enjoyed a tremendous popularity, the digital versions being downloaded and viewed over 10 thousand times.

The 2011 "Do you CEE?" report comprises:

  • The general internet landscape of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Exploration of the web in 15 countries of the region
  • Description of the key market players and current tendencies - mobile internet, social media, video and more
  • Opinions and comments from experts of regional organizations and much more :)

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